Maldives assumes chairmanship of the UN Shark Coalition

The Maldives has assumed the Chair of the UN Save Our Sharks Coalition. The Maldives assumed the chairmanship at a function held in New York this afternoon. The Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Dr. Mohamed Shainee, accepted the chairmanship on behalf of the Maldives, from the outgoing Chair, the Ambassador of the Bahamas Ms Sheila Carey.

While speaking at the ceremony, Minister Shainee stated that the Maldives is honored to accept the chairmanship of the Shark Coalition and expressed hope to bring even further attention to the plight of sharks around the world and the steps that must be taken to ensure that socio-economic assessments carried out in the Maldives revealed it was more beneficial for the economy to preserve sharks and keep them as a continuous resource to be observed and enjoyed by tourists.