Message by Minister of Foreign Affairs on the International Day of Non-Violence 2017

The normal mode of interaction between human societies is non-violence. Yet, today, in some parts of the world, violence have become the norm, and women, children, and vulnerable groups are forced to flee for their lives. Today, as we mark the International Day of Non-Violence and commemorate the birthday of the global icon of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi, we salute those who prefer peace over violence, and compassion, over prejudices.

The Maldives will always oppose violence as an instrument to achieve political objective. The systemic violence against the Rohingya Muslims, including massacres, torching of homes, forced displacement and forced migration must stop. The violence by Israel in the illegally occupied Palestine and the escalation of violence in Syria must stop. Violence against any individuals or communities must stop.
Gandhi has shown to us that if we are united in our determination and if we are clear in our objective and if we are sincere in our strategies, peace through non-violence will always triumph over oppression.