Government committed to ensuring safety of all residents in Maldives irrespective of nationality – Airports and tourism-related infrastructure functioning normally.

7 February 2018

The Embassy would like to put on record that the safety of all residents of the Maldives be they citizens, foreign residents or visiting tourists is paramount to the Government. The Government has repeatedly pronounced that there is no threat to residents of the Maldives irrespective of their nationality.

The President’s office has stated “The State of Emergency is declared for 15 days and has no curfew. All schools, offices and businesses remain open; there are no riots and no safety issues.”

The situation remains stable and the state of emergency does not force any restriction on movement in the country. All international airports including Velana International Airport and all domestic airports, seaplane operations, tourist resorts, all allied tourism-related infrastructure, schools and banks are operating under normal conditions.

The Embassy requests that disinformation being spread by a section of Maldivian polity be disregarded as the Government stands committed to ensuring the safety of all.

Press Release 2018: 01