The High Commission of Maldives was established in New Delhi on 22 October 2004 as the fourth Diplomatic mission of the Maldives abroad, after its mission in, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Upon the request from the Government of Maldives to open a resident mission of Maldives in India, the Government of India conveyed its concurrence in September 2004 and subsequently, agreemented to the appointment of Lt. Gen. (Rtd.) Anbaree Abdul Sattar Adam as the first resident High Commissioner of Maldives to India.

Lt. Gen. (Rtd) Anbaree Abdul Sattar presented letter of Credence to the President of India on 30 November 2004, and concurrently the High Commission of Maldives with its first Chancery building at (E – 45 Greater Kailash II, New Delhi), that started its operation on 8th December 2004. For the first time, on 1 January 2005 High Commissioner hoisted the national flag of the Republic of Maldives, as officially inaugurating the High Commission of Maldives in New Delhi marking it as a significant moment in the history of Maldives and India relations.

The High Commission is in the process of constructing a permanent Chancery building, at the plot allotted within the compound allocated for the diplomatic missions and it is expected to begin the the construction phases sometime during the year.


Ours is an establishment par excellence, fully geared to be a key partner in implementing the foreign policies of the Maldives and to meet the growing demands and increasing challenges of the 21st century.


Aspire to strengthen and deepen the friendly bilateral relations between Maldives and India and other accredited countries with a view to fostering the mutual ideals of peace, progress, prosperity, and prestige.


  1. To intensify bilateral relations with India and other accredited countries, to safeguard the national security interests of Maldives.
  2. To identify and exploit the opportunities in India and accredited countries to mobilize development assistance to Maldives.
  3. To monitor trends and developments in the socio – politico and economic fronts in India and accredited countries so as to uphold the national interests of Maldives.
  4. To represent the national positions and interests on matters of bilateral, regional and international significance with respect to relevant stakeholders.
  5. To facilitate the increase in trade and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) from India and accredited countries to Maldives, to augment the economic activities.
  6. To facilitate greater people-to-people contact and efficiently deliver consular services.
  7. To promote national prestige and conserve national character with the view to attain social, cultural and political stability and prosperity of Maldives.
  8. To safeguard national security interests by strengthening the defence and security cooperation with India.
  9. To advance relations with the diplomatic community in India through greater contacts and networking with accredited missions in New Delhi.
  10. To strengthen networking relationship with the diplomatic community, civil society and business community in India.
  11. To develop and enhance the institutional capacity and ability of the Mission to successfully represent Maldives in India

FORMER High Commissioners

  1. His Excellency Ahmed Abdullah (Non-resident Ambassador)
  2. His Excellency (Rtd) Lt. Gen. Anbaree Abdul Sattar (First Resident Ambassador)
  3. His Excellency Abdul Azeez Yoosuf
  4. His Exellency Mohamed Naseer
  5. His Excellency Ahmed Mohamed
  6. Her Excellency Aishath Mohamed Didi