Exchange of Letters on Extending the Memorandum of Understanding on Manpower Requirements of the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital2 January 2014
Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the field of Health2 January 2014
Agreement on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons12 November 2011
Memorandum of Understating on Combating International Terrorism, Illicit Drug Trafficking and Enhancing Bilateral Cooperation inn Capacity Building, Disaster Management and Costal Security12 November 2011
Memorandum of Understating on Renovation of Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital12 November 2011
Programme of Cooperation for the years 2012-201512 November 2011
Agreement on the Standby Credit Facility12 November 2011
Agreement on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons12 November 2011
Agreement on co-operation in the field of Science and Technology11 February 2008
MOU on Cooperation in Information Technology8 September 2003
Agreement for Recognition of Certificates Under the Terms of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers 1978, as amended in 1995March 2003
Tripartite Agreement between the Republic of Maldives; Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India; and Educational Consultants India Limited (EDCIL), New Delhi12 January 2000
Bilateral Agreement on Mutual Administrative Assistance for the Proper Application of Customs’ Laws and for the Prevention, Investigation and Combating Customs Offences25 March 1999
MOU Concerning Manpower Requirements of IGMH15 April 1991
Agreement on Economic and Technical Co-operation7 February 1986
Cultural Co-operation Agreement7 September 1983
Trade Agreement31 March 1981
Air Services Agreement5 November 1979
Visa Understanding11 March 1979
Agreement on Maritime Boundary in the Arabian Sea and Related Matters28 December 1976

Bilateral Trade Agreements

Under the Bilateral Trade Agreement which was signed in 1981, both countries agreed to grant most favoured nation status to each other. Within the provisions of this agreement, India continues to provide certain commodities to Maldives which may even fall under the prohibited/restricted import categories in India. It should be taken into account that the main bulk of items such as rice, wheat flour, sugar, potatoes, onions, eggs, vegetables and other commodities such as river sand and construction materials are imported from India, increasingly making Maldives an attractive market for the growing Indian investors in this sector.