Our Role

Our role is to promote and present a positive and true image of the Maldives in India. As a Mission, representing the Maldives in India, we provide a formal channel of communication between the two Governments and work towards consolidating and enhancing the existing bilateral relations between our two countries. We also strive to foster greater people-to-people contact between the two countries. Providing consular assistance is one of the important aspects of our work in the mission.

Consular Assistance and Travel Advice

We provide consular advise, assistance and other services that include; renewing and processing of passports for Maldivian nationals, entry/exit clearance services to Maldivians such as issuing temporary travel documents, documents to Maldivian Nationals facilitating their extension of visa in India and assisting Maldivian nationals in obtaining visas to countries that have diplomatic missions in India. Assistance also includes providing accurate and timely travel advice, and other related information.

Political and Economic Affairs

We deal with political and cultural issues, and venture to strengthen economic ties existing between the two countries. We promote Maldives’ interests in areas such as trade, tourism, fisheries etc. and attract investment flows in these areas. We also venture to find additional ways to deepen economic ties in the field of bilateral trade through further opening of markets and trade promotion while projecting the rapidly growing investor supportive environment at home.

Media and Communications

We present and promote Maldivian National policies and attempt to provide accurate and timely information on events/stories which are related to the Maldives and other international issues of concern. Liaising with the local media on events that may be of interest to the wider public, arranging news conferences and issuing press releases and providing news on any event with which THE EMBASSY is involved are also areas of importance to the Mission.

Defence Cooperation

We continue to further strengthen the Defence relationship between the Maldives and India, to our mutual benefit, through working closely with the Indian Defence counterparts and enhancing the Defence interactions between the two countries.

Liaison with the Diplomatic Corps

We liaise regularly with the Diplomatic Missions in New Delhi accredited to the Maldives and often act as an intermediary and a catalyst to promote the bilateral cooperation between their respective countries and the Maldives.