Message by Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Mohamed Asim on the Occasion of UN Charter Day 2017

26 October 2017, Male’;

As we celebrate the seventy-second anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter—the document that was born out of the ashes of war, providing hope of a brighter future for millions—the Maldives reiterates its belief on the importance of multilateralism to deliver the solutions to the global challenges of our time.

The Maldives joined the United Nations in 1965, twenty years after the signing of the Charter. It was the first ‘micro-state’ to join the United Nations, prompting a debate about the ability of ‘very small States’ such as the Maldives to deliver the responsibilities enshrined in the Charter. Yet, the principle of ‘one-state, one-vote’ principle set out in Article 18 of the Charter refuted such arguments and guaranteed a place for the Maldives a seat at the table of community of nations.

The Maldives, merely a month after its independence, placed its faith in the community of independent nations—the United Nations—to deliver on the promise of equal opportunity to succeed, to develop freely, and independent of influence. We continue to rely on the principles that form the bedrock of the United Nations, as included in its Charter, to ensure that our voice is heard and our concerns addressed, in every decision making chamber, in every resolution, and in every process.

The United Nations Charter continues to remain the beacon of hope, especially for the small and micro-states of the world. The people of our countries cherish the Charter, for it guaranteed equal right to every member of the UN to serve and to contribute in maintaining peace and security in the world. The Maldives is ready to serve, and to propose shared solutions for a more peaceful and a just society—our shared destiny.