Minister Asim meets with the Pacific Small Island Developing States

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Mohamed Asim met with the Permanent Representatives of the Pacific Small Island Developing States today, with a view to facilitate greater dialogue and cooperation with the countries of PSIDS. In this regard, he highlighted the close links between the Maldives and the PSIDS, in the international arena, especially on climate change, oceans and sustainable development, including through the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS).

Minister Asim also highlighted the importance of the representation of SIDS, and SIDS interests at the key decision making bodies of the UN, including the Security Council, and the need for the Council to consider emerging issues of significance to global peace and security, such as climate change, and other non-traditional security threats.

The Permanent Representatives thanked the Minister for the leadership of Maldives as Chair of AOSIS, and for participating in the discussion, and sharing the Maldives priorities and ideas moving forward.