President ratifies 7th Amendment Bill to Decentralisation Act

19 April 2017

 President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has today ratified the ‎7th ‎Amendment to the Decentralisation Act (Act No. 7/2010).‎ The Amendment was passed by the Parliament at the 13th ‎sitting of its ‎first session, on 12th April 2017. Following ratification, the ‎bill has been ‎published in the Government Gazette.

Pursuant to the amendments, the Local Government Authority (LGA) will run under a board of 5 members comprising of; a Cabinet member assigned by the President, who is answerable to the Parliament on behalf of the LGA, a female member who is experienced in the field of Gender Equality, a member from a civil association, a member who is experienced in the field of governance and public administration and the Chief Executive Officer of the LGA

The amendment dismisses the current board members effective immediately and opens up applications for the board. The application form will be available from the President’s Office website.