President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has launched the Campaign to minimize Single-Use Plastic in President’s Office. The ceremony was held at the President’s Office this morning.

At today’s ceremony, the President initiated the use of multi-use glass water bottles, in place of single-use plastic bottles, by presenting glass bottles to all the employees of the President’s Office.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Solih expressed his hopes that single-use plastic will be greatly minimized in all the ministries and government offices within the first 100 days of this administration. He noted that today’s initiative is an important step towards the protection and preservation of our environment.

In his speech, President Solih sadly noted that our society has neglected our reefs and oceans over the past, and underscored that the most damaging of actions is polluting the oceans, through which a high number of plastic go into the sea. President Solih pointed out that, overtime these plastic and toxic materials make their way into the food chain of the marine life, and later into our food chain.

President Solih also highlighted that, the use of single-use plastic such as plastic bags, PET plastic bottles, and plastic wrappers in the Maldives is at an alarmingly high rate. Speaking in this regard, President Solih called for a lifestyle change, and urged everyone to minimize waste and sustain our resources.

Source: Presidency Maldives