The new Ambassador of Azerbaijan presents his credentials to the President

The newly appointed Ambassador from Azerbaijan to the Maldives, His Excellency, Dr. Ashraf Farhad Shikhaliyev, presented his Letter of Credence to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih this morning at the President’s Office.

During the call following the formal ceremony, the Ambassador congratulated the President on his electoral victory, and expressed his best wishes towards President Solih’s Government and the people of Maldives. 

The President congratulated Ambassador Shikaliyev on his ambassadorial appointment and remarked on the friendliness and cooperative spirit that have always marked ties between the Maldives and Azerbaijan. He further remarked that his Government is committed to exploring further avenues for cooperation with the Government of Azerbaijan, which he hopes can be discussed in more substance during the upcoming Partnership Forum, due to be held in March. 

The Ambassador remarked on the Maldivian students who are currently pursuing higher studies in Azerbaijan through scholarship schemes. He encouraged more Maldivians to consider studying in Azerbaijan, noting that the diplomatic academy in ADA University provides a high quality of teaching and boasts a welcoming campus-environment that will be appealing to students. 

Concluding the call, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan reiterated his warm sentiments towards the Maldives and wished President Solih well in fulfilling his mandate to the Maldivian People.