Update on the Current Situation in the Maldives (13/02/2018)

Ministry of Defence and National Security allays rumors of external military intervention; MPS reveals further details on ongoing investigations

A statement released by The Ministry of Defence and National Security today refuted rumors in the media of possible external military intervention in the Maldives. The statement highlighted the decades long and fruitful relations between India and the Maldives and underscored that the State would always work to ensure the independence and sovereignty of the nation.

In a press briefing by the Maldives Police Service today, the service revealed that they had obtained additional documentary evidence within the course of the ongoing investigations with additional arrests also made.

Those arrested now includes;
1) Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
2) Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed
3) Judicial Administrator at the Department of Judicial Administration Hassan Saeed Hussain
4) Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed Mohamed
5) Ibrahim Siyad Qasim
6) Fathimath Nasira
7) Member of Parliament Ahmed Faris Maumoon
8) Member of Parliament Abdulla Sinan
9) Member of Parliament Ilhaam Ahmed 
10) Najma Ibrahim 
11) Mohamed Azmi
12) Mohamed Nadheem
13) Bonia Sudhagar
Additional evidence has been found in relation to Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed of;

  • Having profited from bribes
  • Having unduly influenced the Judiciary towards delivering verdicts
  • Having attempted the overthrow a legitimate government
  • Having unduly influenced the Judiciary
  • Having bribed other judges and unduly influenced them in decisions

The Police confirmed that Abdulla Saeed is one of the beneficiaries of the USD 2.4 million loan from a prominent Maldivian business.

The Police have obtained documentary evidence that Abdulla Saeed had purchased goods and properties, which are beyond the means of a Justice’s income, locally and abroad. The Police also confirmed that the Chief Justice had compromised the Information Infrastructure of the Supreme Court.

The Police also reassured, contrary to rumors, that they are acting in accordance with Article 38 of the Common Police Guideline whereby all arrestees will have equal access to lawyers and no restrictions, other than those enforced by the law, will be imposed on the arrestees.

Link to the statement by The Ministry of Defence and National Security:http://www.defence.gov.mv/file.php?fileId=157