Administration’s aim is to work for the development and progress of the Maldivian nation – President Yameen

February 21, 2018

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has stated that the aim of the Government is to work for the development and progress of the Maldivian nation, with the belief that the truest measure of national development is the citizen’s happiness and contentment. The President made this remark while delivering this year’s Presidential Address tonight, at the opening session of the People’s Majlis for 2018.

In his address, the President highlighted that the Government’s focus has been on improving economic and social sectors while ensuring that citizens are able to live happy, independent lives, where they face no impediments to the fulfillment of their daily wants and needs. In this regard, he stated that this Administration has fulfilled unmet needs of the Maldivian people including through the completion of numerous development projects.

During the Presidential address, President Yameen shed light on the work carried out by this Administration. Likewise, he noted that last year, the first-ever technical assessment of crime in the country was undertaken and that the crime rate has reduced by 35% over the past four years. Moreover, the President said that ‘HIYA’ (‘Shelter’), the biggest housing project launched by the Government this year, and to be completed next year, is expected to provide housing to more than 160,000 people residing in the Maldives.

He further said that the 25-storey ‘Dharumavantha Hospital’ will open this year. Inclusive of a diagnostic center, it will provide new and improved health care services for the country.

During the Presidential address, President Yameen noted that more than 76,000 new jobs have been created for youth. He said that, this has been possible due to the growth of the economy. Additionally, the President highlighted infrastructure projects with regards to sports include the Sports Arena and game courts – 80% of the construction work of the Sports Arenas has been completed.
Concluding the address, President Yameen stated that the aims of the Administration include bringing vast investments to the Maldives and increasing the State’s ability to develop sustainably. He stated that it is also a priority to ensure public welfare and that the Administration aims to make the Maldives an upper-middle-income country.