Embassy of Maldives participates in the Global discussion on Gender Equality held in New Delhi on 16th April 2018

April 16,2018

Minister Counsellor of the Embassy, Fathimath Shafeega participated in the “Global discussion on Gender Equality”, organized for the Launch of International Gender Equality Day and Girl Child Development Program organized by the World Federation for Inexpensive Treatment, on 16 April 2018 in New Delhi, India.

As part of her presentation, she informed the audience that Maldives is one of the two countries that ranked top in South Asia Region in the Global Gender Gap Report of 2017 and that Maldives is also the only country in the region that fully closed its Educational Attainment gender gap.

She explained the past and present Government policies that the Maldives, in collaboration with international partners have implemented for the goal of achieving gender parity , stating that the Government’s will and commitment towards achieving Gender Equality and Women Empowerment is evident in such statistics as the Global Gender Gap Index. The focus of Maldives now is on increasing women participation in political decision making and labour market. The ratification of the Gender Equality Act in 2016, and other legislation and policies will be further instrumental in continued  progress and development in this area in Maldives.