Extended Emergency not to impact law-abiding citizens and visitors / tourists: The Embassy of the Republic of Maldives in India

New Delhi, 22 February 2018:

The Embassy of the Republic of Maldives in India would like to clarify that the extended state of Emergency in the island nation will have no impact on its law-abiding citizens, and visitors and tourists.

The Parliament’s recommendation to extend the State of Emergency for another 30 days was warranted due to the complex nature of the ongoing investigations regarding threats posed to national security following the Supreme Court Order No. 2018/SC-SJ/01, issued on 1 February 2018, and the money trail allegedly used to bribe Justices.

“The attempted judicial coup has far reaching implications to the judiciary and Maldives democracy. As the investigations into those responsible are ongoing, and as police are making fast strides in acquiring evidence and in understanding the full depth of the attempted coup, the State of Emergency is extended to apply to only those alleged to be implicit in the attempted coup,” says Ambassador of Maldives to India, His Excellency Ahmed Mohamed.

Taking note of the concerns being expressed by friends and partners in the international community, the Parliament has provided relief by lifting some of the restrictions imposed on Constitutional Articles under the State of Emergency and imposing the State of Emergency only upon individuals alleged to have carried out illegal activities.

“The extended State of Emergency will not apply to otherwise law-abiding residents of, or visitors to, the Maldives,” the Ambassador adds. “The rights and liberties of everyday citizens are not affected and they have full enjoyment of the rights guaranteed by law.”

The State of Emergency, which was declared by President Abdullah Yameen on 5th February 2018 for 15 days, was extended for another 30 days at the recommendation of the Majlis (Parliament) of the Maldives. The Supreme Court cleared the validity of the Emergency extension on 21st February 2018.