Foreign Minister speaks on Climate Change at the United Nations General Assembly

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Asim, while speaking at the General Debate of the United Nations Seventy Second Session, stated that unpredictable weather, more frequent and intense natural disasters, unprecedented temperatures, are the norm rather than exception.

He emphasized on the importance of cooperation, partnership and leadership in tackling the challenges faced by Climate Change and reiterated the commitment of Maldives to continue its leadership and efforts on this regard.

Minister Asim also briefed on the work carried at the national level to transition to a low carbon economy and informed that the Maldives, as the Chair of AOSIS, and in collaboration with IRENA, has launched the Initiative for Renewable Island Energy (IRIE), which will facilitate support for Small Island States in their transition to renewable energy, and in achieving energy efficiency. Minister added that the Maldives is looking at innovative approaches to fulfil the developmental needs of the people that do not compromise the needs of the planet.

Minister Asim further underscored the importance of ocean conservation by using sustainable methods to utilize its resources. “Climate change, sustainable development, and the protection of our ocean – these are not trends or passing fascinations – inaction would cost us our progress, prosperity, and the lives of our people – the future of all our nations” he said. In his speech, Minister noted the sustainable pole-and-line fishing methods of Maldives as well as the numerous measures undertaken for ocean conservation and protection. The Maldives has recently assumed the Chairmanship of the “Save Our Sharks” Coalition.