Government welcomes Elections Commission’s Commencement of work for Presidential Elections

February 22, 2018

In a statement issued this evening, the Government of Maldives warmly welcomed the announcement of the Elections Commission’s decision to begin preparations for the Presidential Elections to be held this year. The Government took note of its announcement to hold the first round of Presidential elections during early September and encouraged all relevant stakeholders to offer the Commission their full, unreserved support for the conduct of their work.

It is noted in the statement that free, fair and credible elections are the foundation of our democracy and that it is essential for continuity of our nation’s growth, stability and prosperity.

The Government of Maldives extends its invitation to all international stakeholders to observe the electoral process; and at the same time urges the international community to provide support and assistance in bringing back normalcy in the Maldives, and requests the international community to refrain from any actions that could hinder resolving the situation the country is facing.

In the statement, the Maldivian Government reiterated its commitment to provide a free and stable environment to carry out campaigns which will lead up to this year’s Presidential Elections and reaffirmed hopes that all relevant stakeholders extends their support to this endeavour.

It is underscored in the statement that all elections after the ratification of the Constitution were accepted to be fair and free by all parties, and that the Government recommends all political parties and politicians alike to work towards making the upcoming elections free and fair, rather than engage in a battle to topple the Government and to destabilize the nation.