Visit to some islands of the Atoll.

  • President Yameen on 25th August, visited Feeali Island, Bilehdhoo Island, Dharanboodhoo Island, Nilandhoo Island and Guraidhoo Island.
  • During the visit, he met with the islands’ community.

Visit to some Islands of North Maalhosmadulu Atoll and South Miladhummadulu Atoll

  • President Yameen concluded his visit to some islands of North Maalhosmadulu Atoll and South Miladhummadulu Atoll on 27th
  • During this visit, the President initiated the services of sewerage system in Alifushi Island, Hulhudhuffaaru Island Velidhoo Island.
  • He inaugurated clean water services in Hulhudhuffaru Island and Velidhooo Island.
  • President also inaugurated the harbor in Innamaadhoo Island, Inguraidhoo Island and Maafaru Island. He also marked the completion of road development project in Meedhoo Island, inaugurated Maafaru Airport, and marked the completion of shore protection project in Velidhoo Island.
  • President Yameen also visited Ungoofaaru Island, Dhuvaafaru Island and Maduvvari Island as Part of this tour.



Electoral body declares exiled opposition leaders can only vote in jail

  • The electoral body on 28th August, said that exiled opposition leaders will only be able to vote in jail.
  • Election Commission said that re-registration applications for convicts are only accepted when made through the Maldives Correctional Service.

International Parties require EC Authorization and Business Visa to observe elections

  • Maldives Immigration has said that business visas will be required to observe, monitor or cover September’s Presidential elections.
  • In a notice issued on 29th August, Immigration has said that visas will be issued to only those who hold authorization from the Elections Commission.
  • According to the notification observing, monitoring or covering the election on a tourist visa will be deemed as a punishable offence under Maldivian laws.
  • The last date for EC authorization and business visas will be September 15. Applications are currently open.

Maldives elections body publishes voters registry

  • The Elections Commission published the revised voters list along with details of ballot boxes where they are registered to vote.
  • Some 78,964 people have been re-registered to vote outside their island of permanent residence.
  • The number of voters this year stands at 262,135, down by about 1,000 from the first voter list made public in June.

Polling stations scrapped for Singapore, Delhi and nine resorts

  • The Elections Commission has decided not to open polling stations in Singapore, New Delhi and nine resorts.
  • Fewer than 200 people registered to vote in Singapore and New Delhi, which was minimum for setting up overseas polling stations.
  • At least 100 resort workers were required to register to keep a ballot box on resort islands but the number of registrations were fewer than 100.
  • Those who sought to vote in Singapore, Delhi and the nine resorts will be able to submit re-registration forms between Monday and Wednesday, the EC said.



President and Representative of the Chinese Government inaugurate “Sina-Male´ Bridge”

  • President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom along with the Representative of the Chinese Government and the Head of the International Development Cooperation Agency of China, His Excellency Wang Xiaotao inaugurated the Sina-Male´ Bridge on 30th
  • The Sina-Male’ Bridge connects capital city Malé to Hulhumale’, and Hulhule’ island where Velana International Airport is located.
  • The Sina-Male’ Bridge project was undertaken as part of the administration’s Male’ Redevelopment Plan, to enable land transportation between Male’, Velana International Airport and Hulhumale´.
  • The Bridge will be opened for public use on the 7th of September 2018.

President Yameen Inaugurates the Airport and Harbor Project of Maafaru Island

  • President Yameen inaugurated Airport and harbor project of Maafaru Island, South Miladhummadulu Atoll on 28th August.
  • During the ceremony, President Yameen unveiled the monument placed to inaugurate the island’s airport and harbour.



GoAir announces flights from Mumbai, Delhi to Maldives

  • GoAir will offer direct connecting Mumbai and Delhi with Male, Maldives effective October 14, 2018.
  • The airline will operate 03 direct flight services per week between Mumbai – Male – Mumbai and 02 direct flight services per week between Delhi – Male – Delhi.

Bridge opening to see ferry services cutback

  • Scheduled public ferry services between the capital and its suburb, Hulhumalé, will be cut back after the bridge that connects the two islands is opened to public
  • The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company anticipated a decrease in ferry usage as the bridge would make it possible for anyone to travel between the islands at any time.



Minister Asim briefs resident diplomatic missions regarding the upcoming Presidential Election

  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Mohamed Asim on 26th August, held a briefing session to all the Heads of the resident diplomatic missions in the Maldives about the forthcoming Presidential Election.
  • He provided general information about the election, registration process and the campaign.
  • The Minister also answered queries from the Ambassadors, regarding the voting process.
  • The briefing, was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.