President Yameen’s three-day visit to islands of South and North Huvadhu Atoll

  • President Yameen concluded his three-day visit to some islands of South and North Huvadhu Atoll on 9th
  • President Yameen inaugurated the harbor and attended the ceremony to mark the completion of beach protection project in Madaveli Island and Faresmaathoda Island during his visit.
  • The President also initiated land reclamation for construction of Faresmaathoda airport.
  • President Yameen also took part in the ceremony to mark the completion of the beach protection project, inauguration of the harbour, initiation of sewerage service system and inauguration of housing project in Gaddhoo Island.
  • President Yameen inaugurated the harbour in Kondey Island, initiated the sewerage services system and inaugurated clean water services in Kolamaafushi Island, and marked the completion of the road development project and inaugurated the housing project in Villingili Island. President Yameen also inaugurated Kooddoo Fishermen’s Marina



  • Electoral body of Maldives on 5th August, approved the formation of a new Political Party. The proposed name for the party is Maldives Labour and Social Democratic Party.
  • Around 45,000 voters who live overseas (outside their island of permanent residence) have re-registered to vote, according to the Elections Commission.
  • The Progressive Party of Maldives (ruling party), submitted the candidacy forms for President Yameen and Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed on 9th, August.



President Yameen inaugurates ‘Five-Island’ airport

  • President Yameen on 7th, August, inaugurated the airport project in Faresmaathodaa during his visit to Huvadhoo Atoll. The airport will be partly funded by a US$4 million interest-free loan from a Maldives tycoon.



Guesthouses numbers in Maldives increases in the first quarter of 2018

  • According to the reports of Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA), a large number of new Guesthouses have begun operations in the first quarter of 2018. Along with the 56 newly operating guesthouses, 129 resorts are in operation. With the additional 3,849 beds, total bed capacity stands at 40,893 beds, which is a 10% increase compared to the end of the first quarter last year.
  • There’s also an increase of 5% in the average occupancy rate from first quarter of 2017 to first quarter of 2018.



Maldives backs Saudi Arabia in Canada row

  • The Maldives on 8th August, backed Saudi Arabia in its diplomatic disagreement with Canada. Saudi Arabia had recalled its ambassador and gave 24 hours to the Canadian ambassador to leave and froze new investment and business deals.

Maldives establishes Diplomatic relations with Ethiopia

  • The Republic of Maldives and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia have formally established diplomatic relations on 7th Following this establishment, Maldives now maintains diplomatic relations with 170 countries.

UK Visa Application Center opens at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • On 7th August, UK Visa Application Center started accepting Visa Applications at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Maldives. The services of the Center had been extended till 9th August owing to increased demands.
  • The Government of UK established the Visa Application Center following the request of the Maldivian Government for easing the process for students applying for higher studies in UK.
  • This is an important step in strengthening services provided to Maldivians under President Yameen’s Foreign Policy.