President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has stated that the current administration has carried out land reclamation projects that equals to 20 new medium-sized islands till date. The President made this remark while speaking at the ceremony held this evening to mark the completion of beach protection project in Kandoodhoo Island of Kolhumadulu Atoll.

Speaking at the ceremony, the President noted that this administration prioritizes the needs of the people and puts in every effort to carry out projects to cater to the unique needs of each island. He also stated that progress can only be brought to Maldives by achieving our economic development goals.

Continuing on, President Yameen briefed the public on his electoral manifesto, stating that his manifesto was compiled after giving thorough consideration to the needs of the people in a way which would to resolve the maximum difficulties being faced by Maldivians.

The President further noted that two things were most important for the progress of any nation; stating that human resource development and capital formation is the key. In this regard, President Yameen stated the importance of human resource development which would in turn create an encouraging workforce, with the determination to progress.

Prior to Kandoodhoo visit, President Yameen visited Thimarafushi Island this morning and inaugurated the island’s water supply services and took a part in the ceremony held to make the completion of the beach protection project in Veymandoo Island of Kolhumadulu Atoll.

During his three-day visit to the atoll, the President is scheduled to initiate the services of sewerage system in Buruni Island, mark the completion of the Vilufushi Island’s road development project, initiate the services of sewerage system  in Madifushi Island and mark the completion of the land reclamation project and the protection of the reclaimed land area in Madifushi Island.

President Yameen is also scheduled to initiate the services of sewerage system Dhiyamigili Island.

Source: The President’s Office