Visit to some Islands of Haddhummathi Atoll

  • President Yameen concluded his visit to some islands of Haddhummathi Atoll on 9th September.
  • During his visit, President visited Hithadhoo Island and inaugurated the Hithadhoo Harbour, visited Gan Island and inaugurated the Thundi District Harbour and also Maabaidhoo Island’s harbour.
  • The President also visited Maamendhoo Island and initiated the sewerage services of the island.
  • President Yameen inaugurated Haddhummathi Link Road connecting Gan and Fonadhoo during his visit.
  • President Yameen also visited Fonadhoo Island later and initiated the island’s water services.

Visit to Thinadhoo, South Huvadhu Atoll

  • President Yameen concluded his visit to Thinadhoo Island of South Huvadhu Atoll on 11th
  • During the visit, President Yameen attended the ceremony held to mark the completion of several projects like completion of road construction, Islamic Centre, “Aabaadhee Maizaan” Park, land reclamation & shore protection, construction of 120 housing units, and shore protection in the Baraasil area of Thinadhoo.



Presidential candidates sign approval for voter registry

  • The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and the opposition coalition on 12th September signed their approval over eligible voter registry for the September 23rd, presidential elections.
  • The Elections Commission authorized 25 representatives from each faction to sign the voter list.
  • Neither parties raised any objections over the list.



President Yameen inaugurates Haddhummathi Link Road

  • President Yameen inaugurated the Haddhummathi Link Road, connecting Gan Island and Fonadhoo Island on 8th
  • The President unveiled the monument placed to commemorate the inauguration of the Road at the ceremony.
  • The President also took a drive on the link road to Fonadhoo from Gan.



Maldives hits a million Tourists

  • The Maldives Tourism ministry on September 10th, announced the arrival of one million tourists this year.
  • There has been a 10 per cent increase in numbers for the same period in the previous year.
  • Maldives welcomed the millionth tourist of 2018 with a free resort holiday, seaplane travel and Internet package.
  • They were also greeted and welcomed with cultural activities at the country’s main international airport.



Maldives National Football Team victorious in SAFF semi-finals against Nepal

  • Maldives National Football Team secured their spot in final of the SAFF Suzuki Cup 2018.
  • The team won the match against Nepal by 3 goals to nil score.
  • President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom congratulated the Maldives National Football Team for their overwhelming victory in Semi-Finals.
  • This marks the fifth time the country made their way to the finals of the biennial international men’s football championship.