President calls for unity to realise Maldives’ dreams

February 09, 2018

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has called upon everyone to unite and work towards common development goals. The President made this remark while speaking at an event held by the Progressive Party of Maldives this evening. First Lady Fathimath Ibrahim accompanied the Presdient at the event.

Speaking at the function, President Yameen stated that it was his aspiration for the Maldives to be a modern, developed civilisation, while ensuring the financial stability and prosperity of the Maldivian people.

Highlighting important lessons from the country’s past, the President stated that we must stop undermining the nation’s sovereignty. Further, the President stated that it was a crime to invite foreign militia to interfere with our domestic matters.

Shedding light on the current situation in the Maldives, the President stated that once the investigation of the events that unfolded following the Supreme Court Order on 1st February 2018 were over, it would be clear to everyone, local and international, that the opposition had in fact attempted to bring about a coup.