No Extremist Elements at MPS; Police Responds to False Allegations Made in Press by Former President

February 10, 2018

Maldives Police Service (MPS) has responded to allegations made in the press accusing the service of harbouring extremist elements.

The statement reads;

“On 10th February 2018, a former President of the Maldives, in a statement to the Indian newspaper “Times of India” stated that religious extremists who had taken part in the Syria/Iraq Civil War had returned to Maldives and are serving in the Maldives Police Service.”

“Maldives Police Service categorically denies these allegations.”

“Maldives Police Service is an institution providing equal protection to the Maldivian public. The aforementioned statement made by the former President has no basis in truth and was made for their own benefit and to create misconceptions and mistrust of the Maldives Police Service.”

“We therefore request that such false and malicious rumours regarding the MPS not be disseminated.”

“We also state that necessary legal and regulatory action will be taken against all who engage in such actions against the Maldives Police Service.”

LINK: Maldives Police Service’s Press statement