President Yameen reiterates Maldives’ commitment to adherence to best practices in attaining Development Goals

April 02, 2018

At a meeting held at the President’s Office this morning President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has briefed the visiting delegation of Ambassadors, on the Administration’s policies of attaining sustainable development, while adhering to universal best practices.

The delegation consisted of several Ambassadors from their respective countries to the United Nations, currently in the Maldives to attend the Second Ambassadorial Workshop, “Developing Sustainability: Sharing Experiences, Seeking Solutions”.

Speaking at the meeting, the President highlighted the sustainable practices in the different industrial areas in the Maldives, and the efforts being put in to incorporate climate change mitigation and adaptation in planning and implementing the Administration’s development agenda. The President noted the environment friendly policies adopted in different industrial areas of the country, such as the prohibition of commercial net-fishing, the adoption of solar powered energy systems in resorts and other institutions across the country.

Continuing on, President Yameen noted that the Administration has doubled the value of per capita income in the four years of his Administration, noting the positive economic outlook of the country. He reiterated his commitment to comply with the people’s wishes and aspirations, and underscored that the Maldives has so far achieved 5 of the 8 millennial development goals.

The President noted the vast difference of the public’s needs today, in comparison to that of 15 or 20 years past. He underscored the rapid growth and advancement attained by the Maldives in all areas of development in a short period of time, highlighting that it was his presidential electoral pledge to bring about a quality life for the people.

The President also shared with the Ambassadors, the unique and numerous challenges being faced by the Maldives, being a small island state, consisting of several individual islands spread over a great span of area. In this regard, the President emphasized the significantly small population residing on each island, however pointing out that the demands of the people were not any less than that of larger communities, residing on greater areas of land mass. Speaking further, the President highlighted the many factors such as environment, lack of resources, and geography that contributed to the challenges being continually faced.

Further, President Yameen highlighted the threat of cross-border piracy and terrorism, being faced in the country with regard to the strategic location and geography of the Maldives. He underlined that these were common difficulties faced by all the countries of the world, noting that what made the Maldives unique was its location.

Speaking at the meeting, the President said that all countries must have the understanding to consider the differences in each country, and at the same time be treated as equal members of the same family. Speaking in this regard, the President noted that the Maldives chairs the Alliance of Small Island States, as well as having secured the seat of the UN Human Rights Council for two consecutive years. The President noted that this was evident to the world’s acceptance of Maldives as a major advocate of human rights and environmental issues.

The President also briefed the Ambassadors on the current political situation in the Maldives. He emphasized that despite the recent State of Emergency declared in the country, due to unprecedented events, there was no enforcement of a curfew; and that general movements, services and businesses were not affected. He further reassured the commitment accorded by the Administration to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the Maldivian people and foreign visitors. He further said that the Administration continues to work towards strengthening the country’s democracy.

Speaking at the meeting, the delegation of Ambassadors agreed with the challenges being faced by the Maldives, as a small island state. They also highlighted the favourable political and economic state in the Maldives presently.

President Yameen was accompanied at the meeting by, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Mohamed Asim, Minister of State for Foreign Relations at the President’s Office H.E. Mohamed Naseer, Permanent Representative of the Maldives to the United Nations Dr. Ali Naseer Mohamed, and the Foreign Secretary H.E. Ahmed Sareer.