President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has stated that the people will always look for, and ask for ways to fulfill their needs for a better future. He also said that a 5 year term is a very short period to fulfill the basic needs of the people, and to complete the numerous development projects planned for the islands.

The President made these remarks while speaking at the function held this morning to inaugurate the water supply services in Thimarafushi Island, Kolhumadulu Atoll.

In his speech, President Yameen reiterated that he will continue to focus on the prosperity of the people by fulfilling their needs and completing the development projects in the islands.

The President emphasized the importance of capable leaders for a brighter future for the country, and bringing positive change. He also stressed the importance of the citizens’ cooperation and support to the leaders, in order to reach the society’s common goals.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Yameen noted that the citizens need to put forth the national harmony and peace, and highlighted our national values that we must fight to defend, as Maldivian citizens. The President also noted the many challenges faced as a result of his efforts to protect our Islamic faith and national harmony.

In his speech, the President also highlighted several development projects planned for future, especially in the financial sector and fisheries sector. While addressing today’s gathering in Thimarafushi Island, the President highlighted the development projects planned for the island.

The President is currently on a three-day visit to Kolhumadulu Atoll. During his tour, the President is scheduled to take part in the ceremony to mark the completion of beach protection project in Veymandoo Island and Kandoodhoo Island. The President will also initiate the services of sewerage system in Buruni Island, Dhiyamigili Island and Madifushi Island. Moreover, President Yameen will mark the completion of the land reclamation project and the protection of the reclaimed land area in Madifushi. President Yameen is also scheduled to travel to Vilufushi Island, and mark the completion of the island’s road development project.

Source: The President’s Office