8th India-Maldives joint military exercise concludes

December 28, 2019

A two week long joint military exercise aimed at counter terrorism engagements concluded in Belgaum in the South Indian state of Karnataka. Code named ‘Ekuverin’, which means ‘friends’ in Maldivian language, the joint exercise saw  the Indian Army and the Maldives National Defence Forces (MNDF) share operating procedures dealing with  counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist engagements in a semi-urban setting.

The two-week-long exercise saw the two contingents sharpen their tactical and technical skills. The MNDF was represented by a team comprising of two officers and 43 Other Ranks, while the Indian Army was represented by three officers, three Junior Commissioned Officers and 39 Other Ranks, belonging to the Gorkha Rifles Battalion. Exercise Ekuverin will enhance interoperability between the two forces for Counter terrorist operations in semi-urban environment.

Indian Army and Maldives National Defence Force have been holding Exercise Ekuverin  since 2009 on alternate years in their countries. The last one was held at Kaddhoo in the Laamu Atol of Maldives.